About Us

Regions of the Autonomies
To the right you can see images of the northern and southern Autonomies. Our work is primarily done in these regions. 
The land is untapped, the indigenous people are willing to work and will work very hard. They are also very cautious. This is the reason it has taken three years to get the projects off the ground. The indigenous people have been taken advantage of in the past, sometimes by their own people. They are looking to Aid4Nicaragua to help them with a hand up, not a hand out. They will need training and are very grateful for those willing to help them see a change for the sake of generations to come.
Aid4Nicaragua is a US based 501c3 corporation utilizing secured land and natural resources through land leases with qualified developers to transform eastern Nicaragua into a regional economic engine. Started in 2006 the principals of Aid4Nicaragua have traveled to Nicaragua numerous times to meet with the local officials, members of the regional government and senior members of the central government located in Managua. All of this work has been done with the full support of the communities, the regional and national governmental authorities.
Fully believing in the potential for the people of Nicaragua and the potential for utilization of land and resources this corporation, Aid4Nicaragua, was created for the benefit of the people of Nicaragua. The overall goal is to create sustainability through empowerment.